Telikom NSL Cup 2009-2010 Competition Match Results


All the match results of the Telikom National Soccer League (NSL) 2009/2010 Soccer Competition from Game 1 to the last game played is listed here. Note: Statistics such as goals and player statistics is unavailable.

Match Results for Round 18 - 03/04/10
Unitech FC5DefGelle Hills FC0
Gigira Laitepo Morobe FC2DrewEsiloan UniInter FC2  
Eastern Stars FC 5DefBesta PNG United FC2
Hekari United FC3DefNIU Petro Fox FC0
Bye: Eastern Stars FC
Match Results for Round 17 Washout Match - 31/03/10
Hekari United FC3DefUnitech FC1
Match Results for Round 17 - 27/03/10
CMMS Tiger FC2DefGelle Hills FC1
Gigira Laitepo Morobe FC3DefBesta PNG United FC0  
Esiloan UniInter FC 2DefNIU Petro Fox FC0
Hekari United FC N/RUnitech FC  
Bye: Eastern Stars FC
Match Results for Round 16 - 20/03/10
Hekari United FC6DefCMMS Tiger FC2 
Eastern Stars FC4DefGigira Laitepo Morobe FC3 &